Stages of a Metamorphosis

by Transcend All Negative Energy

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2015 single featuring Mateus Cesareo from Verb the Noun!


I don't really know if I should die here or go somewhere else
I am a traveler, an unravel-er, a warrior
All this hesitation and desperation
My mind's made up, I will not fight equation

This is not the end, it's just a metamorphosis

I am a traveler sent from the time in which they would tear it all down
But my mind is clear
That shit doesn't phase me anymore, and I won't close the door for nothin
It's getting in the way again
How did it come to this?
These are the stages of a metamorphosis

Beware! I declare "WAR"
Beware! This is not the end
It's just a metamorphosis

There comes a time in everyone's life where we inevitably grow out of the shell that we inhabit
It is in these times that we change, we transform and are reborn
It comes without question, without rhyme or reason
It changes the way we see the passing seasons
You can run, you can fight, you can declare war
But you can't stop what is happened 1000 times before

Beware! (This is not the end)
And prepare for WAR! (It's just a metamorphosis)
Beware! (This is not the end)
I declare WAR! (It's just a metamorphosis)
Beware! (This is not the end)
It's just a metamorphosis


released October 5, 2015
Nathan Esch- drums, guitar, vocals, keyboards, samples
Landen Osborne- bass, vocals
Mateus Cesareo- vocals



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Transcend All Negative Energy Lake Forest, California

Transcend All Negative Energy (sometimes referred to as T.A.N.E.) is a power trio from Lake Forest, California. The band name represents the therapeutic benefits of music and art. "The point of this band is to go as nuts as possible on stage." -Doctor Fireball, guitar and vocals ... more

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